New product prototyping and development flow

This is a prototype of the new earphones. It is still 3D printed with resin material.

At this stage, the purpose is to confirm the size and shape of the earphones and the internal structure.

The dynamic driver is located 3.5 mm from the tip of the nozzle.
We have confirmed that we can place the dynamic driver very close to the ear.

Because the dynamic driver can be positioned close to the nozzle, a large space can be secured behind the driver.

Since this driver is a bit small, having a large space behind it is necessary to move the diaphragm widely.

This allows the diaphragm of the small dynamic driver to be moved significantly and placed as close to the ear as possible so that the sound is delivered to the ear without loss.

A vibration suppression structure can also be incorporated inside.

Although the prototype is still made of resin material, the sound is already very good at this stage. This is very promising.

The next steps are as follows…

Next I will test with the actual metal material I will use. I will then check the sound and apply the final tuning. If there are no problems at this stage, I will begin full-scale production of the enclosure.

Development takes a lot of time, but I am very much looking forward to the completion of the project.