9iNE(Wood : Cocobolo)
Blackening Stainless Steel + Wood(Cocobolo).

This 9iNE is made of cocobolo for the wood.
This cocobolo was shaved in late December and dried to deepen its color. It was a light grayish color when it was first shaved, but as time goes by, it has turned into a deep brown. 

These earphones, which use cocobolo as 9iNE, have a warm, deep, and thick sound. The sound has a clear profile, but the edges of the highs are a bit rounded. The tone is very calm and rich with thickness in the mids and lows.
It has a bit more core and contrast than rosewood.

I think Cocobolo was the most ordered wood in LOAK and MIROAK last year, and it is a stable and wonderful wood.

This is the first 9iNE made in cocobolo this year, and it sounded great. I highly recommend it!