LOAK-T(CL) Cocobolo

LOAK-T(CL) Cocobolo

Front : Titanium
Rear : StainlessSteel & Wood
Wood : Cocobolo

LOAK-T(CL) using the same cocobolo as in the previous post, but the cocobolo in this post is a bit drier and harder.

Since it is the same cocobolo, there is no major difference in the sound tendency, but the dry one tends to have a brighter sound with a stronger edge, while the oily one tends to be a little milder.

Dry ones are harder, so the diaphragm moves more tightly. Therefore, the sound is closer to that of a driver with less back pressure, and it tends to sound smarter and snappier.

However, it is difficult to create this condition even with the same Cocobolo, and even if it can be adjusted to some extent, the rest is a matter of individual differences.

This is the fun of wood, and it may be both an advantage and a disadvantage, but I think we as listeners can enjoy these differences.

I recommend LOAK-T(CL) and Cocobolo!