LOAK-T(OP) Ching-chan

Front : Titanium
Body : StainlessSteel
Rear(Wood) : Ching-chan

This LOAK-T(OP) with Ching-Chan is the best earphone from 634EARS at the moment.

However, not all earphones with Ching-chan are the best earphones.
It means that this individual Ching-chan is very compatible with this model.

Wood is an individual material, so even the same Ching-chan will be a little bit different.

This Ching-chan is very dry and hard. However, if I look closely at the wood, I will find that the wood has a lower density than ebony because of the wood tubes that run through the wood.

The high frequency range is very sharp and bright, and the reverberation is very beautiful.
The mid-low range is not too tight, but moderately loose and voluminous.

It is just a little warm, but not too mild.

The overall balance is good, and the sound of this model and this Ching-Chan produces is top notch.