LOAK2-TX02 Snakewood

LOAK2-TX02 Snakewood.

Front : Titanium
Body : Titanium (3D Printing)
Rear : Wood (Snakewood)

This is the LOAK2-TX02 made with Snakewood. It’s one of the top-tier woods in terms of hardness among those handled by 634EARS, and one of the few woods in 634EARS’ wood list where “hardness > density” according to the hardness-density chart.

The LOAK2-TX02 is originally known for its rich sound with thick bass tones. However, the TX02 made with Snakewood produces a slimmer sound with less pronounced low frequencies, resulting in a slightly tighter sound. Additionally, the sound has clear outlines and is bright. To put it in perspective, it’s somewhat closer to the sound of TX01.

Choosing Snakewood goes against the typical sound profile of TX02, but it provides a sound that is not overly soft and is more distinct, making it a more versatile option. I believe it’s a clear and intentional choice of wood made by the customer who placed the order. It’s a fantastic pair of earphones.