MIROAK-II (Various)

Front : Stainless Steel
Body : ABS resin
Rear : Wood (Pink Ivory, Purpleheart, Kalimantan Ebony, Indian Rosewood, Stabilizedwood)

Compilation of several examples of MIROAK-II. On the backplate, there are Pink Ivory, Purple Heart, Indian Rosewood, Kalimantan Ebony, and Stabilized Wood (in green and blue).

These MIROAK-II variations come in various vibrant colors. Pink Ivory and Kalimantan Ebony, as well as Purple Heart, have quite similar sound qualities. The sound is distinct, with clear contours and strong contrast. Indian Rosewood, on the other hand, gives a slightly warmer impression with a swelling effect in the mid-low frequencies compared to the previous three.

Stabilized Wood gives an impression of a slightly stronger attack, but the high and ultra-high frequencies may be a bit restrained.

MIROAK-II with Stabilized Wood is a limited edition product through an Indonesian distributor.