MIROAK-II Various(Copper,Brass,Pink ivory,Palo santo,Tulip wood)

MIROAK-II Copper,Brass,Pink ivory,Palo santo,Tulip wood.

Front : Stainless Steel
Body : ABS resin
Rear : Wood & Metal(Copper,Brass,Pink ivory,Palo santo,Tulip wood)

Here is an overview of various types of MIROAK-II: Brass (Antique Silver), Copper (Blue), Tulipwood, Pink Ivory, and Palo Santo. The brass and copper are colored using traditional techniques by Momentum Factory Orii.

Brass and copper produce a dense sound with strong impact, but they tend to peak in the high frequencies, resulting in slightly subdued ultra-high frequencies. The sound’s center of gravity is relatively low.

Tulipwood, Palo Santo, and Pink Ivory are all dense woods, so they also have a strong attack. However, Palo Santo has slightly rounded edges, Tulipwood has sharper edges compared to Palo Santo, and Pink Ivory has a slightly more refined sound than the others.

When displayed together, the blue and silver patinas on the metal, along with the natural pink, green, and orange colors of the woods, create a very colorful array.