MIROAK-II Cocobolo

MIROAK-II Cocobolo.

Front : Stainless Steel
Body : ABS resin
Rear : Wood(Cocobolo)

This is the MIROAK-II crafted from Cocobolo wood. Cocobolo wood exhibits significant individual variations, with some pieces showing an orange hue when cut, while others have a deep caramel-like color. Some have prominent black lines in the grain, while others have an overall brownish appearance.

Currently, Cocobolo wood is the most frequently chosen material for the MIROAK-II. Especially the Cocobolo being used recently tends to be hard and dry, resulting in a clear and distinct sound. In terms of hardness and density, it’s comparable to African Blackwood, which is one step up. However, Cocobolo has a slightly warmer tonal quality, making it an excellent choice when seeking a wood-specific sound.

Conversely, softer and oilier Cocobolo or Rosewood would provide an even warmer and fuller sound.