LOAK2 Renewal & New Model Addition

With the discontinuation of the LOAK-PROTOTYPE series, we have completely refreshed the lineup of the LOAK2 series.

※ For information regarding the discontinuation of LOAK-PROTOTYPE, please refer to this blog post: “The Future of LOAK-PROTOTYPE.”

New LOAK2 lineup:


Renewed Models:


The most significant change is the renewal of the LOAK-PROTOTYPE, resulting in branching out into two models produced using two different manufacturing methods: CNC machining and 3D printing.

  1. LOAK2-Ti(CL) and LOAK2-Ti(OP) featuring titanium body housings crafted via CNC machining.
  2. LOAK2-TX01 and LOAK2-TX02 with titanium body housings produced via 3D printing.

CNC machining titanium involves significant time and cost but yields a very clean finish. The shape is identical to the old LOAK2-TS.

On the other hand, 3D printing switched to a higher-performance and more precise domestic output for the housing, improving upon the distortions and layering inconsistencies found in the PROTOTYPE series.

While there are two models based on the difference in body housing production methods, all other aspects such as tuning remain the same. However, the method of producing the housing does affect the sound. The LOAK2-TX models are considered the higher-end models and are now the flagship models for 634EARS. For more details, please refer to the description or product pages of each item.

Newly Added Model:

  • LOAK-TX03

As part of the LOAK2 lineup refresh, the newly added model is LOAK-TX03, one of the flagship models in the LOAK2-TX series. It serves as the higher-end model of the LOAK2-TS(OP), which inherits the sound of the original LOAK. Known for its delicacy and gentle tone, LOAK-TX03 features the softest and mildest sound among all LOAK2 models. For more details, please refer to the description or product pages of each item.

Models with Name Changes:

  • LOAK2(CL) → LOAK2-TS(CL)
  • LOAK2(OP) → LOAK2-TS(OP)

These two models have only undergone name changes. There have been no changes to the sound, but regarding the LOAK2-TS(OP) open type, the diameter of the holes in the backplate’s open section has been slightly increased. For more details, please refer to the description or product pages of each item.

Discontinued Model:


This model, made of brass, was originally sold in limited quantities and has now been discontinued. There may be plans to reintroduce a similar model in limited quantities in the future, but as of now, there are no plans to restock the LOAK-PROTOTYPE03.

With the renewal of LOAK2, the number of models has increased. Initially, we were only considering the renewal of LOAK-PROTOTYPE for the CNC-machined LOAK2-Ti. However, due to the exceptional sound quality of the 3D-printed LOAK2-TX, we decided to include it in the product lineup at this time.