1) What kind of sound do you want? Let’s consider the sound based on the current flagship model, LOAK.(The “634EARS for the Best Earphones” Project.)

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  • 1) What kind of sound do you want? Let’s consider the sound based on the current flagship model, LOAK.(The “634EARS for the Best Earphones” Project.)

The current flagship model of 634EARS is LOAK.
I would like to use this model as a reference to create the best earphones for 634EARS by analyzing the parts of the sound that I wish were a little more like this.

This time, rather than deciding on the direction of the sound, I would like to find out what parts of the current flagship LOAK are lacking in sound and what parts of the sound are lacking, and conversely, what parts of the sound are good that I would like to carry over to the next model.

There are many variations of LOAK.
If we include the choice of wood (or metal), there is quite a wide range of sounds, but for this article, we will focus only on the parts that are common to all LOAKs.

We will analyze each LOAK model at another time.
It is easier to understand if we look at each model separately.

Sound of LOAK)

I am quite satisfied with the sound of LOAK and feel that it is of a high quality.
However, I feel that the sound is thin and lacks power, thickness, and bass sink due to the priority given to detail and resolution.

While the lightness and comfort of the sound is very good, I would also like to hear more depth and richness in the sound.

This is largely due to the fact that the driver’s air intake is restricted and tension is applied to the diaphragm’s movement, and that a lot of pressure is removed in front of the driver for a brighter and more relaxed sound.

I also feel a little uncomfortable that some mid and high frequency sounds are too assertive or come forward too much because the sound contours are slightly emphasized for clear and distinct sounds for easy-to-understand high sound quality.

The background of LOAK’s open-type speakers is a large space, but if some of the mid- and high-frequency frequencies are too close together, it is difficult to feel the spaciousness of the space due to the proximity of the distance.

Among the four standard LOAK models, the LOAK-T (OP) is the one that suppresses this sense of distance from the front the most, but even so, depending on the choice of wood, some of the mid and high frequencies can be strongly assertive.

It is also true that without a strong contrast in the contours of this sound, the whole sound becomes blurred and indistinct, making it difficult to grasp the sound.
However, we also want the sound to be spacious, so this is very troubling.

In sound tuning, if you want something, you often lose something.
I work mostly with dynamic drivers, and I feel this is especially true with D-type drivers.

It is relatively easy to make earphones with a strong individual sound, but since this project is to make the best earphones in 634EARS, I think it is necessary to have an all-around sound to some extent.

On the other hand, if you balance everything and make an average sound, it will be an uninteresting sound with no individuality.
While seeking individuality, it is necessary to strike a balance in sound creation so as not to lose the opposite sound.

The current LOAKs have a highly satisfying sound with resolution and clarity, but it is also true that there are some sounds that are lacking because of this.

LOAK’s sound)

Strong points)
Subtlety, clarity, and definition of sound.

Weak points)
Lightness of sound, weak depth and sink of sound, and strength.
Insistence of some sounds in the mid-high range is strong.