LOAK-PROTOTYPE 03 (LP03) has been released. I have provided information about the product on 634EARS’ product page (link provided below). In this blog post, I’d like to delve into the details of LOAK-PROTOTYPE 03 (LP03) and offer explanations about how its sound compares to other models.

Details of LOAK-PROTOTYPE 03(LP03)

The LOAK-PROTOTYPE series represents a new line of LOAK models born during the prototype phase of LOAK2’s development. LOAK-PROTOTYPE 03 (LP03) is an earphone that features changes in both the front and rear casings to brass, building upon the foundation set by PROTOTYPE 02 (LP02).


The housing configuration is also detailed on LOAK-PROTOTYPE page of our website  but it consists of the following components:

Front Housing: Brass
Body Housing: Titanium
Rear Housing: Brass(Semi-matte finish)

The front housing of PROTOTYPE03 is made of brass, while the body housing is made of titanium using 3D printing technology. The choice of titanium material allows the air in the rear housing to compress and repel quickly and significantly. As a result, the diaphragm can move faster and larger, resulting in a dynamic, wide-range sound with a quick, sharp response.

The front housing is made of brass, and there’s a structural difference in this brass model – it lacks any holes for releasing internal air pressure. Near the nozzle, moisture can accumulate and cause rust, and small holes are prone to clogging, which can affect the sound. Therefore, this model is designed with a completely sealed structure from the beginning, eliminating any holes for air pressure release. Normally, in dynamic driver configurations, without a place for air to escape, the diaphragm might make a popping sound during wear. However, with the new LOAK, the diaphragm is made of rigid carbon material, making it resilient to this issue. Still, it’s important to be cautious not to exert excessive pressure on the diaphragm or subject it to rapid and forceful deformation, as it can lead to unusual sounds.

The diaphragm of the dynamic driver is now made of carbon material. It is rigid but responds well to deformation and can move quickly and significantly. The result is quick response, sharp and accurate sound, and a wide dynamic audio range.

The rear housing part made of brass features a semi-gloss finish, avoiding easily scratched mirror-like finishes or uneven hammering textures. It’s designed to be user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Sound Quality

PROTOTYPE 03 (LP03) is the brass version of LP02 but comes with rich, full-bodied low frequencies, resulting in an overall sound that’s warm and mellow. The high frequencies are slightly subdued, with less emphasis on sound contours, creating a more natural and listener-friendly connection between the sounds. There’s a wealth of resonance and texture in the mid-low range, reminiscent of the atmospheric ambiance of a small live venue.

Comparison with Previous Models :

Comparison with other PROTOTYPE models

Comparison with LOAK2:

The sound of the LOAK2 is significantly different from LP03. In particular, it offers a sound profile that’s quite the opposite of LOAK2 (OP). The bass in LP03 is even more pronounced than LOAK2 (CL), with a notable emphasis on the lowest frequencies.

Comparison with other PROTOTYPE models:

The LP03 is tuned almost identically to the LP02 except for the housing material, but the brass front housing has greatly changed the clarity and prominence of the sound contours. However, LP03 further reduces the emphasis on the contours, blending them seamlessly into the rest of the sound. As a result, LP03 may not excel in terms of listening to “voices.” However, the mids and lows are very rich and moody. The sound is slow and weighty, with a mellowness to the rawness and a somewhat analog quality. It is a sound unique to brass that sets it apart from the sound of titanium.

Brass Care:

ront and rear housings are machined brass. No coating other than rust-proofing is applied. As it is used, brass naturally changes to a deep color and takes on an antique look. However, care should be taken with the nozzle portion, as it tends to accumulate moisture and rust easily. These earphones require maintenance by removing the ear tips after each use and polishing them from time to time. This may seem like a small inconvenience, but it is worth it because this care allows you to use the earphones with even more affection.

Limited Quantity Sales:

The brass model of LOAK-PROTOTYPE 03(LP03) is available in a limited quantity of 30 units. Whether there will be additional production in the future is currently undecided. In the event of additional orders, a minimum production quantity will be required, which means that those orders may also be limited in quantity. It’s possible that this model remains a one-time limited release.