LOAK2-TS(OP) Various(Copper Blue,Cocobolo,Purple heart,Stabilizedwood)

LOAK2-TS(OP) Various

Front : Titanium
Body : Stainless Steel
Rear : Wood & Copper (Copper Blue,Cocobolo,Purple heart,Stabilizedwood)

LOAK2-TS(OP) Copper Blue, Cocobolo, Purpleheart, and Stabilized Wood (Green). Currently, the Stabilized Wood version can only be ordered through the Indonesian distributor. The copper is colored using traditional techniques by Momentum Factory Orii.

These four versions of the LOAK2-TS(OP) have similar sound profiles. Among them, the Purpleheart offers a relatively clearer sound. Generally, these four TS(OP) models produce sounds with prominent edges and strong contrasts. The TS(OP) is the most treble-oriented model within the LOAK2 lineup, and the choice of these four backplates prioritizes clarity, attack, and edge definition over lightness and gentleness.