Front : Stainless Steel
Body : ABS resin
Rear : Wood(Padauk)

MIROAK-II with Padauk Wood. This particular wood exhibits a bright, chestnut-brown hue.

Padauk wood is also one of the recommended choices for the MIROAK-II. Both Padauk and the previously recommended Cocobolo offer a traditional yet inherently characteristic sound, making them excellent reference woods.

Compared to Cocobolo, Padauk imparts a slightly lighter and brighter sound. While Cocobolo tends to deliver a rich, weighty impression with a solid mid-to-low range, Padauk features a lively and airy quality in the mid-to-high frequencies, resulting in an overall clean and refreshing sound.

Given that the MIROAK-II inherently possesses a strong mid-to-low range, woods like Padauk pair well with it. Despite its understated visual appearance as wood, it comes highly recommended.”