LOAK-PROTOTYPE 01(LP01) Snakewood
LOAK-PROTOTYPE 01(LP01) Copper Pink

Front : Titanium
Body : Titanium(3D Printing)
Rear : Wood & Copper

*Currently, this model has been renewed as the LOAK2-TX(01,02).

Here is an overview of multiple model examples: LOAK-PROTOTYPE01 in Snakewood and Copper Pink, and LOAK-PROTOTYPE02 in African Padauk. The copper is colored using traditional techniques by Momentum Factory Orii.

*These models have now been updated to LOAK2-TX.

The LP01 Snakewood offers a very refined and solid sound, while the LP01 Copper Pink has a slightly thicker and stronger attack. The LP02 is characterized by a thick, resonant sound, and the African Padauk version has a bright and slightly clearer sound. Although these models have been updated, I highly recommend the Snakewood for the LP01 (now TX01) and the African Padauk for the LP02 (now TX02) as excellent wood combinations.