LOAK-PROTOTYPE 02(LP02) Cuban Mahogany

LOAK-PROTOTYPE 02(LP02) Cuban Mahogany.

Front : Titanium
Body : Titanium(3D Printing)
Rear : Wood(Cuban Mahogany)

*Currently, this model has been renewed as the LOAK2-TX02.

This is the LOAK-PROTOTYPE02 (LP02) made with Cuban Mahogany. This wood was provided by the customer themselves. Due to its rarity, 634EARS cannot supply it, but we can craft headphones using wood that customers purchase or provide themselves.

Mahogany is not particularly hard or dense, but this Cuban Mahogany, possibly due to its age, feels harder than typical mahogany due to significant drying.

It produces a very soft and mild sound, leaning heavily towards warmth. However, due to the moderate hardness of the wood, there’s a noticeable edge. Additionally, it has excellent sound clarity and brightness. The softness, tension, clarity, and brightness of the sound are fantastic. In my opinion, it’s akin to a slightly gentler and warmer version of African Padauk. Perhaps due to the significant drying of the wood, this Cuban Mahogany likely exceeds “hardness > density” in 634EARS’ wood chart.

Its sound differs noticeably from harder and denser woods, devoid of any harshness or piercing quality. The resonance of the mid-to-low tones is exceptional. While rare and difficult to acquire, I believe it’s an exceptional wood for producing fantastic sound.