9iNE(Lignum Vitae)

Blackening Stainless Steel + Wood(Lignum Vitae)

9iNE is made of lignum vitae, the heaviest wood in the world, with a specific gravity of about 1.28.
It is similar to Palo Santo, but Lignum vitae is harder when sharpened.
Both Palo Santo and Lignum vitae are very oily, but I felt that Lignum vitae is a little drier than Palo Santo because it is harder.

The color of the wood is a mixture of green and brown, and when exposed to sunlight it turns a deep green. The wood was quite brown when it was cut, but afterwards it was exposed to sunlight and the surface was protected when it turned dark green.

The sound has a solid core with a thick bass that seems to have a slightly lowered center of gravity.
Rather than having a fuller, longer-lasting bass like rosewood, the lignum vitae has a thicker bass.
It has the deepest bass of all the 9iNEs we have made so far.

The edges of the sound are a little rounded, but the highs are also more robust than expected.
In other models except 9iNE, oily and dense wood tends to make high frequencies milder, but Lignum Vitae is sharper than I expected.
I think this area is a compatibility with the sound of the driver.