LOAK-T(OP)Pink Ivory

LOAK-T(OP) Pink Ivory

Front : Titanium
Body : StainlessSteel
Rear(Wood) : Pink Ivory

This is an open LOAK-T with pink ivory. Tuning is standard.

This is a brightly colored wood with good coloration. Good color is very rare. This wood is dense, smooth and hard.

The sound is very clean and beautiful. The contours are clear and the sound is deep. 
The standard tuning of LOAK-T(OP) is light and easy to listen to because of its moderate bass, and it has a lot of space, so you can listen to music comfortably.

The LOAK-T(OP) is the least bass- and treble-intensive of all the LOAKs in terms of frequency measurements, but the pleasant highs, clear bass, and smooth overall sound are appealing enough to make you want to keep listening to music.