Front : Brass
Body : Titanium(3D Printing)
Rear : Brass

This is the LOAK-PROTOTYPE03, which utilizes brass for the front and rear housing backplates. (※ This model has already been sold out.)

Compared to the LOAK-PROTOTYPE02, it features a richer low-mid range with even thicker sound. Particularly, the bass and midrange tones have a depth that surpasses other models. Despite the sound being closer in proximity than other models, there is a sense of unity due to not overly sharp contours, and while the sound lacks a spacious flatness, the depth is strongly felt.

Due to the unplated brass, there is some effort involved, such as needing to remove the ear tips each time. However, the relaxed and analog-like sound that can only be achieved with this brass material is highly appealing.