MIROAK-II Cocobolo

MIROAK-II Cocobolo.

Front : Stainless Steel
Body : ABS resin
Rear : Wood(Cocobolo)

MIROAK-II, crafted with cocobolo wood. There are two colors available: a light brown and a dark brown, both cut from the same cocobolo wood. In the case of larger wood pieces, the choice of where to cut can influence the color and grain patterns. Additionally, determining the final color of cocobolo can be challenging without cutting and shaping, especially since cutting into the wood may reveal a deeper brown than what is initially visible on the surface.

The sound produced is clear with a distinct edge and contrasting tones, delivering a strong auditory experience. Yet, there is also a subtle warmth in the sound.

When shaved, the darker brown seems to have a slightly firmer and drier feel, while the lighter brown produces shavings that clump together, giving the impression of a bit more moisture. Although the differences in sound are minimal, with almost no distinguishable variation, if one were to pinpoint a distinction, it might be said that the darker brown provides a sharper contour.

This serves as a great example of the individual variations that can exist even within the same type of wood.