LOAK-T(OP)AfricanBlackwood&Pink Ivory

LOAK-T(OP) AfricanBlackwood & Pink Ivory(Wood Mosaic Work)

Front : Titanium
Body : StainlessSteel
Rear(Wood) : AfricanBlackwood & Pink Ivory(Wood Mosaic Work)

This is an open LOAK-T made of African blackwood and pink ivory parquet.
This is a Wood Mosaic Work, so the different woods were crimped together for about a week and processed as one piece of wood. This time, I used two pieces of wood that worked well, although I had some failures because of the strength problem.

The tuning is a little more bass and a little more sharpness in the high frequency range.
My impression is that the tuning is similar to that of the LOAK-T (CL), but the back is open, so the sound is a little more relaxed and gentle.  When the back is open, the diaphragm moves a lot even if the chassis material is hard. Therefore, it tends to sound as if the diaphragm tension is loosened a little.

The sound is not too tight, but it is easy to listen to and has a lightness to it.

As the creator, I think the result is quite satisfactory.