Blackening Stainless Steel + Wood(Padoauk).

This 9iNE is made of padouk. This wood “花梨” has many names, so I use paduk, but I think it is closer to rosewood, not the bright vermilion color of African paduk.

This padouk wood is processed from a piece of antique furniture that is more than 50 years old. It is a very old wood and has dried out and the color is deep.

The sound is very nice. The mids and lows are tight and not too full, with a hint of rosewood warmth.
The highs are bright, fresh, and light. The sound has a very clear contour.
The tone is quite close to that of ching-chan, but with a little more density.

I think this is probably the sound of the wood that was carved from this antique furniture, rather than the wood as a “padouk” wood, which tends to have this tone.
The glossy wood in the photo is this padouk. It is a wonderful wood that reminds us that each piece of wood is unique, not only in its type but also in its condition.