LOAK-BSB (SBS) Remaked.

Front : StainlessSteel(Brass)
Body : Brass-Blue rust (StainlessSteel)
Rear : StainlessSteel (Brass)

Remake product.
Based on LOAK-S with remake parts for brass parts. The brass is blue rusted and slightly antiqued.

The sound is very close to LOAK-TC, with a fat and powerful bass sound.
It is very mild and easy to listen to with full bass without any unpleasant parts such as stabbing or peaks of sound. The stainless steel front has a slightly stronger sound.

The remake process reuses the chassis and re-constructs it in a different shape, and the sound and appearance are completely different, and it is handed over to the new owner.

There is a slight difference in the strength of the sound and the mildness of the high frequency range depending on whether the front enclosure is brass or stainless steel.
Since this is a remake, the quantity is for the actual item only.