LOAK-TC(Copper Red)


Front : Titanium.
Body : StainlessSteel.
Rear : Copper(斑紋孔雀色) Copper Red. *By momentum factory Orii.

Full metal type of LOAK. Copper back plate. COPPER RED coloring by Momentum Factory Orii.

The mildest of all LOAKs. The sound is thick and the contour is not overemphasized, which gives a very good sense of unity and connection of sound as a whole. The overall nuance is probably close to that of LOAK-B.

There is a lot of bass, but it does not have a strong core like LOAK-S. It is not so dense, but it has volume.

There are no sharpness or peaks, so it’s powerful yet very easy to listen to.

The copper coloring of the COPPER RED earphones is also very unique.