9iNE(African blackwood)

9iNE(Wood : African blackwood).
Blackening Stainless Steel + Wood(African blackwood).

This 9iNE is made of African blackwood (granadilla).
It is a very hard and heavy wood with high density and a smooth and shiny surface. The surface is smooth and shiny, and there is a good amount of oil.
This time I am using the pitch black part of the core wood. 
Granadilla is similar to granadillo in name, but they are completely different woods.

The sound is similar to that of snakewood 9iNE, but it is a bit thicker and has a cocobolo like sound. 
The sound is thicker and more defined, but not as thin and sharp-edged as the Snakewood, and the brightness of the sound and sharpness of the edges are a bit more subdued.

The sound is very heavy, but the low frequency is tight for 9iNE, and the overall tone is muscular. I recommend this wood when you want a sound with a clear outline and strength.

It looks cool with blackening stainless steel for a unified look.