9iNE(Jindai Cedar)

9iNE(Wood : 神代杉 Jindai Cedar [Bog-wood] )
Blackening Stainless Steel + Wood(Jindai Cedar).

This 9iNE is made of bog-wood called Jindai cedar.
Bog-wood is wood that has been buried in soil and mud for a long time and is very hard. The color is dark brown, which is different from the original color of cedar. It is very hard and dry and does not bend at all.

The sound is hard and thin. Among woods, it is as tight and edgy as or tighter than desert ironwood or snakewood. The sound has a clear and distinct profile.
The low end is tight and tight for a 9iNE.

It has a sharp sound a little like 9iNE-S, but I think it is also characterized by its lightness. This makes the sound speedy and sharp.

It looks plain but is a very rare wood. I think it is a recommended wood for reproducing sharp and hard sound with wood.