Front : Stainless Steel
Body : ABS resin
Rear : Wood(Padauk)

MIROAK has been renewed as MIROAK-II. Pre-orders start today.

For the product page of MIROAK-II, please visit the following website:

The example of MIROAK-II shown here features Padauk wood.

MIROAK-II has a body made of flexible and elastic ABS resin, which is prone to distortion, allowing the diaphragm of the dynamic driver to move more freely. As the ABS resin section is already soft, it is recommended to use a relatively hard wood for the rear section. Padauk, used in this example, is a highly dense and hard wood that has undergone thorough drying. While it is not particularly heavy, it offers excellent hardness and resistance to distortion, making it a good match for this model.