Discountinued – Limited Stock.(LOAK,MIROAK)

Once the stock of LOAK (MIROAK) is depleted, I will discontinue sales.

With the start of pre-orders for MIROAK-II, I will discontinue sales of MIROAK once the current stock is depleted. The same applies to LOAK, as I will discontinue sales once the stock of existing components is depleted.

While I am planning a redesign (upgraded version) for LOAK, I cannot determine when it will be available at this stage. Furthermore, the next redesign (upgraded version) of LOAK will have slight differences in sound compared to the current LOAK, making it impossible to replicate the sound with the upcoming redesign.

Therefore, if you prefer the sound of the current LOAK, it may be better to purchase the current version.

Although I am still receiving orders for the current LOAK to some extent, the processing of enclosures primarily involves handling a batch of over 100 units at a time, considering factors such as pricing. It is unlikely that I will sell an additional 100 units of LOAK, so I will discontinue sales once the current stock of LOAK components is depleted.

After the discontinuation, it will no longer be possible to produce the current LOAK, so please understand this limitation.