LOAK-PROTOTYPE 01(LP01) African Padauk

LOAK-PROTOTYPE 01(LP01) African Padauk

Front : Titanium
Body : Titanium(3D Printing)
Rear : Wood(African Padauk)

This is the LOAK-PROTOTYPE01 (LP01) utilizing African Padauk for the wood. It is a reddish-brown wood with notable hardness but not exceptionally high density. Consequently, the surface displays slight irregularities in the wood grain.

Models using this wood tend to have a sleeker and cleaner sound compared to standard ones, with a finer and more defined audio line. They belong to a type where the contours are distinct, resulting in a bright-sounding tendency. The LOAK-PROTOTYPE01, in particular, exhibits excellent alignment with the directionality of sound, delivering a tight, crisp, and agile quality to the audio.

In wood selection, it is crucial to consider not only “density” and “hardness” but also the question of “how much hardness is present in relation to density?” This aspect is quite significant, and materials with hardness relative to density, like this wood, are not as common. It is recommended for those seeking a clear and refreshing sound.