9iNE(Lignum Vitae)

Blackening Stainless Steel + Wood(Lignum Vitae)

9iNE with lignum vitae. Specific gravity is the heaviest in the wood. The green color of this piece is not so strong, but the shading of the grain is clear.

I made a 9iNE with the same wood some time ago, but there are individual differences in the wood, and the part I processed this time felt harder.

I thought it would be more bass-oriented, but the sound is quite well-balanced. I think it is close to rosewood 9iNE.
The amount of midrange and bass is high, so the sound is fuller, but I felt the high range is sharper than expected. 

The sound of a type like this lignum vitae, which has a lot of mid and low frequency range, depends on the output power.