LOAK-S96 (Limited)

Front : StainlessSteel (Blackening)
Body : StainlessSteel
Rear : StainlessSteel (Blackening)

*LOAK-S96 is a limited quantity due to test production.

This LOAK is an all stainless steel housing. The front and rear housings are blackened stainless steel by TM, a well-known “GEN” Corporation known for 9iNE.

The tuning is specially designed for the all stainless steel housing and the sound is different from LOAK-S and LOAK-TS.
The D-type driver is the same as in LOAK, but the sound has been changed considerably.

The sound is thick, strong, and powerful, but mild and smooth. Bass is strong, deep, and rich.

The front housing of titanium, brass, or aluminum just can’t produce this core of sound, so this strong, solid sound is a benefit of stainless steel.

This model was made as a test production of stainless steel blackening, so only four were produced.
Since the rear stainless steel part and MMCX parts were reused for the test production, they are produced as B stock. The stainless steel parts are also slightly uneven due to the test blackening.

Price) 54,600JPY (Shipping few will be added for overseas shipping.) 

If you would like to order, please contact us via “Contact Us” on 634EARS, email, or DM on each social networking service.

The combination of black and silver stainless steel is very austere.
It is recommended as the second generation of LOAK.