LOAK-PROTOTYPE 01(LP01) Stainless Steel

LOAK-PROTOTYPE 01(LP01) Stainless Steel.

Front : Titanium
Body : Titanium(3D Printing)
Rear : Stainless Steel

*Currently, this model has been renewed as the LOAK2-TX01.

This is the LP01 with a stainless steel back plate on the rear housing.

For the metal plates of LOAK2 and PROTOTYPE models, we’ve incorporated a concave design on the underside, integrating high-rebound materials into those sections. This high-rebound material enhances the compression rebound of the air inside the rear housing, allowing for significant movement of the diaphragm.

Compared to wood, the sound is more crisp, but thanks to the high-rebound material, the mid-to-low tones are not overly tight and still maintain a solid volume. It produces a dense and powerful sound compared to harder woods. Therefore, while the attack and other transient sounds may be more noticeable compared to wood, stainless steel is a great choice for enjoying a solid sound. The combination of gray titanium and silver stainless steel looks good!