LOAK-PROTOTYPE 01(LP01) Cocobolo

LOAK-PROTOTYPE 01(LP01) Cocobolo.

Front : Titanium
Body : Titanium(3D Printing)
Rear : Wood(Cocobolo)

*Currently, this model has been renewed as the LOAK2-TX01.

This is the LOAK-PROTOTYPE 01 (LP01) made with Cocobolo wood.

While Cocobolo has become a staple at 634EARS, I believe it pairs exceptionally well with the LP01. It exhibits a slightly strong attack, but the mid-to-low tones have a solid presence and a hint of warmth.

Cocobolo is a popular choice among orders, but it takes almost a month to process and attain its deep brown color. We usually have a stock prepared in advance, but if it’s unavailable, there might be a significant delay in fulfilling orders. Therefore, when selecting Cocobolo, please place your order with some leeway to accommodate for potential delays.