MIROAK-II Cocobolo

MIROAK-II Cocobolo.

Front : Stainless Steel
Body : ABS resin
Rear : Wood(Cocobolo)

MIROAK-II with Cocobolo Wood
This MIROAK-II utilizes Cocobolo wood, specifically a well-dried and hard variety within the Cocobolo species. It boasts a deep, amber color and contains a moderate amount of natural oils.

Cocobolo wood is one of the recommended choices for the MIROAK-II. It offers a strong contrast in sound and delivers a robust performance. While the MIROAK-II leverages the flexibility of ABS resin, incorporating hard wood for certain components helps achieve a balanced level of overall rigidity for the rear housing. This prevents the sound from becoming excessively soft. By using such wood, a distinct, crisply defined sound with a suitable edge is likely to emerge.

Its compatibility with the black resin parts is also excellent, making it one of the favored wood options. However, it’s worth noting that woods with higher oil content might require occasional maintenance to prevent stickiness or the accumulation of dirt. Using a soft cloth to gently polish it from time to time is recommended.