9iNE(Wood : Snakewood)
Blackening Stainless Steel + Wood(Snakewood).

This 9iNE is made of snakewood. Snakewood is a hard wood with high specific gravity. It is very specific gravity and hard, and I think most of the woods are very dry.

The 9iNE made of this wood has a very sharp sound. The sound with clear edges is the best of the woods so far.

The sound is deep, but the line is thin and smart.
The low end is tight for 9iNE, not fat compared to other woods (although the low end is still a bit fat on this model).

The high frequency range is very beautiful with a tight, slim, beautiful sound. The sound is also bright.
The sound is a little sharp, but this model does not have such a strong peak in the high frequency range, so it may be a good wood for those who are looking for high frequency range.

It is a very rare wood with beautiful grain and luster and a beautiful sound.