9iNE(Wood : Zebrawood)
Blackening Stainless Steel + Wood(Zebrawood)

This 9iNE is made of zebra wood. This wood is characterized by its striped pattern.
The wood is not so dense but fibrous and hard in the fiber direction. Specific gravity is a little lighter than rosewood.

The sound is quite similar to 9iNE made of ziricote or beefwood. The low frequency range is relatively clear. 
The density of the sound is a bit thin, and the contours are clear but not too dense, so it is easy to listen to.

Beefwood, Ziricote, and Zebrawood all sound quite similar, but I think Zebrawood is the lightest sounding of the three. The hardness of the sound is in between that of the Ziricote and the Beefwood. It is not as warm sounding as beefwood.

This type of wood produces a very good sound, which is a characteristic of the 9iNE. The sound is bright and light, and the high frequencies are crisp.
Although 9iNE is rich in the low frequency range, it is recommended for those who want a relatively clear sound among them.