LOAK-PROTOTYPE 02(LP02)Brazilian Tulipwood

LOAK-PROTOTYPE 02(LP02) Tulipwood.

Front : Titanium
Body : Titanium(3D Printing)
Rear : Wood(Brazilian Tulipwood)

Introducing LOAK-PROTOTYPE02 (LP02), crafted with Brazilian Tulipwood. This is a highly rare wood, and specimens with such a beautifully contrasting grain pattern are particularly scarce. The wood boasts high density and significant hardness, with a slightly higher oil content. It pairs excellently with the gray titanium chassis.

While the impact of wood choice on the sound of LP02 is relatively minor compared to other models, there is a noticeable impression of strong contrast. LP02, known for its inherently bold and powerful sound, complements this characteristic well.

The mid-to-low range of LP02 is indeed rich, thick, and powerful. Rather than emphasizing resolution or delicate nuances, this model stands out for its presence, resonances, coloration, and depth of sound.