Vibration of dynamic drivers (Part 1)

The issue of “vibration” caused by dynamic drivers.

How to suppress the vibrations produced by dynamic drivers is very important to produce a sound without blurring.

If the vibration cannot be suppressed, the vibration of the dynamic driver will escape.
If this happens, the sound will be blurred, unfocused, and fuzzy. The sound then becomes weak and without power.

It is like a ball thrown only with the hands without using the legs, hips, or trunk.
It will be a ball with no control, no speed, and no power.

So, is it enough to fix the dynamic driver firmly?
That is a little different in the case of earphones.

If the dynamic driver is firmly fixed to the earphone case with glue or other means so that it does not move at all, the vibration of the dynamic driver will be transmitted directly to the case, and the case will vibrate as well.

Therefore, it is ideal to fix the dynamic driver so that its vibration is not transmitted to the chassis.

This is a bit of a geeky topic, but keeping the enclosure down is one of the key themes of dynamic drivers in sound production.

I will discuss this topic in several articles, so if you are interested in this topic again, please look forward to the next article.