Vibration of dynamic drivers (Part 3)

On the “vibrations” produced by dynamic drivers. Part 3.

Do rubber-like damping materials that dampen vibrations in audio and electrical appliances have any effect on the vibrations of dynamic drivers in earphones?

No. Those sheet-type rubber, lead, or urethane damping materials are effective only when something heavy is placed on top of them.

For example, placing a sheet of sound-damping rubber under a vibrating washing machine will work, but sticking them on a vibrating washing machine will not have much effect.

The same is true for the vibration of the dynamic drivers and chassis of earphones.

If they are attached to a vibrating dynamic-type driver or earphone case, they may absorb vibration only a little, but they will not have a great effect.

The attached damping material will only vibrate with the driver and enclosure.

However, if those vibration-damping materials are used in different ways, they can have a great effect.

I will explain that in detail in the next article.