Approaching development from a different direction.

I am developing new earphones.

It will be the successor or higher-end model of 8iTE.

One of our themes for the new earphones is to place the dynamic drivers as close to the ear as possible.

This is one of the ways to avoid distance attenuation of sound and to minimize peaks caused by reverberation in the sound conductor.

However, when dynamic drivers are positioned close to the ear, it is difficult to wear the earphones well.

I am currently repeating the process of trial and error.

At this stage
The earphones can be worn with normal ear tips without any problem.
The dynamic driver can be placed at a distance of 3.5 mm from the tip of the nozzle, and the earphone can be worn with a normal ear-tip.
I have confirmed very voluminous bass and fresh mids and highs.

I am still working hard to complete a better earphone by repeated trial and error in the future.