The “634EARS for the Best Earphones” Project!

Let’s make the best earphones for 634EARS! I would like to start a project called

In this project, we will carefully consider the process of making the best earphones for 634EARS one by one, and share the process with you.

Of course, I will proceed with the intention of commercializing the earphones completed in this project.
i am still in the planning stage, so I can’t promise anything for sure, but since I am going to do this, let’s make sure I create something good.

It is important to note that i am talking about “634EARS earphones.
The best earphones could mean the best earphones in the world, but “of 634EARS” means that I do not want to break the style of 634EARS.

It would be meaningless if the shape, material, or sound of the earphones would destroy the 634EARS style.

This project is based on the premise of 634EARS’ design, sound, tuning, and so on, and we are trying to create the best of the best at the moment.

Also, this project is not something that will be easily and quickly realized.
It will be a long-term project that will be built up over a solid period of time, one by one, as we think it through.

The contents of this project will be quite maniacal, but I hope that those who are interested will enjoy it.