Regarding the LOAK Upgrade (Trade-In Program).

At 634EARS, I offer a program that allows you to trade in your old model when purchasing a new one, enabling you to acquire the latest product at a discounted price.

This program includes not only our latest LOAK2 and LOAK-PROTOTYPE models but also applies to older LOAK, MIROAK, or any other 634EARS earphones, regardless of their age or condition.

Naturally, as new models offer improved sound quality and craftsmanship, they come at a premium price. 634EARS earphones are handcrafted in limited quantities, which can contribute to their higher cost compared to mass-produced products from major manufacturers. Therefore, taking advantage of our trade-in program to make your upgrade more budget-friendly is not only beneficial to you but also a source of delight for me as the creators.

Please note the following:

  • Typically, you can trade in one earphone for the purchase of one new earphone. However, exceptions may apply, so feel free to inquire for specific cases.
  • The trade-in value will not exceed 50% of the original purchase price.
  • The trade-in value is based on the original purchase price, with a maximum of 50% credited. This means if you are trading in remanufactured or B-stock items, their purchase prices will be used as the reference.
  • International customers are welcome to utilize this program, but they are responsible for the shipping costs when sending the trade-in items to Japan.
  • Please note that this trade-in program is exclusive to 634EARS’ official direct sales website and is not available through authorized dealers.

For example, if you trade in your LOAK-TC, originally purchased at 87,000 yen, you can receive 50% of its value, which amounts to 43,500 yen. This can then be deducted from the 89,800 yen price of the new LOAK2(CL), resulting in a final cost of 46,300 yen. This presents a great opportunity for a cost-effective upgrade.

I encourage you to take advantage of this program. Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your listening experience while saving money.