LOAK-PROTOTYPE 01 (LP01) has been released. Detailed information about the product is available on 634EARS’ product page (the following page). In this blog post, we will delve into the specifics of LOAK-PROTOTYPE 01 (LP01), compare its sound with other models, and provide insights into the wood and metal materials used for the rear housing.

Details of LOAK-PROTOTYPE 01(LP01)

The LOAK-PROTOTYPE series is a new LOAK born during the prototype stage of LOAK2 production. The LOAK-PROTOTYPE 01 (LP01) is a titanium-bodied version of LOAK2 (CL).


The housing configuration is also detailed on LOAK-PROTOTYPE page of our website  but it consists of the following components:

Front Housing: Titanium
Body Housing: Titanium
Rear Housing: Various types of wood (Stainless steel, brass, copper for LP01 model, brass only for LP03)

PROTOTYPE has a front housing made of the same titanium material as LOAK2, and the body housing is also titanium. The body housing is made with 3D printing technology. The use of titanium as a material allows for fast and large compression and repulsion of air in the rear housing. This allows the diaphragm to move quickly and significantly, reproducing dynamic, wide-range sound with a quick, sharp response.

As with the LOAK2, the front housing incorporates thin stainless steel where the drivers are fixed. Titanium and aluminum are excellent materials for transmitting the sound emitted by dynamic drivers to the tip of the nozzle, but they are less effective in damping vibrations. Therefore, by incorporating stainless steel into the driver contact surface, the vibration of the dynamic driver is effectively suppressed, resulting in powerful bass and clear sound without distortion.

The diaphragm of the dynamic driver is now made of carbon material. It is rigid but responds well to deformation and can move quickly and significantly. The result is quick response, sharp and accurate sound, and a wide dynamic audio range.

Sound Quality

The foundation of the sound is LOAK2(CL), but LP01 offers a slightly lighter, more delicate sound. It is characterized by a rich, lively tone. It is resilient, and the mids and lows have just the right amount of fullness while maintaining a firm profile and fast sound response. It also has a moderately open and overall very well-balanced sound.

Comparison with Previous Models :

Although the sound of LP01 differs from the former LOAK model, it shares some similarities with the bass texture of the former LOAK-T(OP). Compared to the old LOAK-T(OP), LP01 has stronger bass than the old OAK-T(OP), but the bass spreads quickly and spherically, converging into a clear sound profile. While the old LOAK was slim, firm, and clear, the LP01 has a thicker, yet subtle and clear sound. the LP01 is especially rich in resonance and timbre. the LP01’s sound is more resonant and tonal richness. the LP01’s sound is more balanced, and the LP01’s sound is more balanced.

Comparison with LOAK2:

Among the LOAK2s, LP01 is similar to the sound of LOAK2(CL), but LP01 has a clearer, more agile, and livelier sound; LOAK2(CL) has a slightly stronger bass, while LP01 has a slightly slimmer sound. LP01 has a noticeably richer resonance and warmer tone than LOAK2, with a good amount of gloss. The LP01 produces a lush sound with moderate luster. This quality is especially noticeable in the mid and high frequencies.

Comparison with other PROTOTYPE models:

Among the PROTOTYPE series, PROTOTYPE01 (LP01) stands out for its sharpness and well-defined contours. It has a brighter sound profile. In contrast, LP02 and LP03 in the PROTOTYPE series offer a thicker, warmer, and more laid-back sound. LP01 is characterized by its strong resonance in the mid and high frequencies, while LP02 and LP03 exhibit more pronounced resonance in the lower frequency range.

About the Wood(Metal)Material for the Rear Housing :

This model, like LOAK2(CL), has a significant difference in sound based on the choice of wood or metal for the rear housing compared to open-back models. However, regardless of the chosen material, LP01’s sound remains consistent, and the variations do not result in drastic differences that would make it seem like another model. Nevertheless, when comparing them side by side, you can notice slight distinctions in the sound.

This model has the same driver tuning as LOAK2(CL) and produces a thick, rich sound, so it is best to choose a slightly harder material. Also, choosing a hard wood with high density will produce a sharp, high-contrast sound, while choosing a slightly less dense wood will produce a lighter sound.

I personally built LOAK-PROTOTYPE 01 (LP01) in snakewood, one of the hardest woods available. It is hard for its density, so it has a good balance of sharpness and lightness. Although some high frequencies are emphasized, the original sound profile of this model is rich and not overly harsh, and the high frequency emphasis is conversely pleasantly stimulating, with enjoyable and lively mid and high frequencies that enhance the listening experience.

Metal materials can also be selected, as well as colored metal from Momentum Factory – Orii. The metal is processed a little thinner than wood and is hollow in the center to reduce weight. The hollowed out area is placed with a highly resilient material. This process is a countermeasure to the problem that solid metal becomes too heavy and rigid, resulting in a hard sound. The highly resilient material placed in the center softens excessive rebound. As a result, despite the strong rebound caused by the rigid metal, the diaphragm does not become too tight and moves moderately, resulting in a dynamic and voluminous sound.