Blackening Stainless Steel + Brass.

This 9iNE uses brass for the back plate. The tuning of the driver and internal filters is the same as that of the wood 9iNE, and the only difference in sound is the material used for the rear housing (backplate).

The difference in sound between the wood and the 9iNE is slight, but compared to the wood (based on rosewood), the low frequency range is more robust and the mid-high range has a brighter or more resonant impression. It does not have the lightness of sound or low-frequency swelling that is present in wood.

If you want a more solid core sound than wood, this brass type is recommended.
In terms of tuning, 9iNE with wood and this brass 9iNE-B are my most recommended 9iNE sound.

There are three types of brass. Apart from the normal, there are “Antique Silver” and “Green”, which are colored utilizing the traditional technique of Momentum Factory Orii.

If you want to match with blackened stainless steel, my recommendation would be the speckled sterling silver color. It looks so cool with a worn-out look.