MIROAK-II Desert Ironwood

MIROAK-II Desert Ironwood.

Front : Stainless Steel
Body : ABS resin
Rear : Wood(Desert Ironwood)

The MIROAK-II crafted with Desert Ironwood.

Desert Ironwood, a type of wood buried in desert landscapes, is remarkably dense and hard. Before cutting and polishing, its edges are so sharp they can cut skin. Moreover, the wood is exceptionally dry.

The MIROAK-II employs flexible ABS resin for its body casing. This choice enhances diaphragm movement, but it can prove challenging to achieve a sharp, quick sound, particularly when using softer woods.

Among the woods available at 634EARS, Desert Ironwood stands out as one of the hardest and densest. Its diaphragm movement delivers a tighter, more responsive sound compared to other woods.

This wood compensates for the softness of the ABS resin, striking a balance in the overall rigidity of the rear housing. In comparison to woods like Cocobolo or Rosewood, the resulting sound is tight and robust. Sound contours become well-defined. Compared to other MIROAK-II models, it offers sharper articulation and a distinct, sharp tonal quality.