*Not for sale.

These earphones are a December special for those who continue to subscribe to the home-roasted coffee beans sold by Musashi at 634EARS.

The housing is made of aluminum with a light green anodized finish, and the wood is a Bogwood(Jindai Cedar).
The color is inspired by the green green green beans of coffee and the color of the beans after roasting.

This model has a stainless steel interior only at the D-type driver installation area.

This gives it a solid, weighty bass and vibration suppression, and the sound is quite powerful.

The sound has a thicker, stronger core than the MIROAK, and while it is not as clearly defined as the LOAK, the use of cedar, which is very hard and has the image of coffee beans, keeps the bass from being overblown, and the focus is more focused, despite the thickness and volume of the sound.