Blackening Stainless Steel + Rosewood.

The 9iNE is made of rosewood, the most standard and recommended wood. I have been using Indian rosewood as our standard for rosewood, and now we are also using Ching-Chan as our standard.

It has a tone that can be recognized as warm when you hear it, with a bright and light high frequency range and a rich and full low frequency range. This is the most standard “wood-like” sound.

The 9iNE-S is quite different in sound from the 9iNE-S. The 9iNE has a flatter bandwidth balance and a slightly closer sound.
High frequency peaks and distortion are suppressed, making it very easy to listen to. The edges are a little rounder and the sound is a little thicker, but the delicate high frequency range is still there.

Of course, you can choose any kind of wood for the 9iNE, but I personally think that this standard rosewood is the best choice.